So, it would appear that the lead role, played by Matt Damon, stumbles upon a previously unknown existence called the Adjustment Bureau. These are a group that exist only to keep us all on our planned paths of fate.

Damon’s fate is to pursue a glittering political career until a chance meet with Elise, played by Emily Blunt, captures his heart. The Adjustment Bureau are there to bring David Norris back on his intended path, but Norris has other plans.

The trailer doesn’t give much more away than that, although the hints towards a clear romantic story line mixed with action doesn’t yet appear to live up to the promise of “Bourne meets Inception” as predicted by some critics.

As a fan of Damon’s recent work, I would most likely go to see this movie but it does feel that they have tried to pull a few different concepts together in this one film.

Trailer Rating: 3/5

Catch the drift: Yes

Bums on seat: Yes

Overall, the trailer hasn’t convinced me that this may be one of the best movies I will ever see but I think it’s done enough to entice me to my local cinema.